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Reddit Turns One-Word Actor into Viral Star [VIDEO]

Nate-image-mashableAmazing how people can get famous now.


Roe V World: Politicians Have Always Loved To Shit On Planned Parenthood(via @Jezebel)

Plus, if a woman had access to birth control, she’d obviously go crazy with doing sex to all of the men, everywhere, in the whole world. Women shouldn’t have that sort of freedom to enjoy themselves and not be pregnant all the time! How absurd!

Permalink :ad a great time hanging out with @emmarickalle
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Permalink These are the conversations I have with GAY friends. 
Permalink A pumkin spice cappuchino! Yum.
Permalink Looking at cute puppies as the parade takes forever to start
Permalink The dolls are waiting for the parade 
Permalink Driving to the parade with Jessie and Mrs Fields
Permalink Just gor up. Getting ready for the Veteren’s Day Parade.